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Our Mission

ECGBUDDY is brought to you by the German company DOCTOPIA GmbH. The idea for the project DOCTOPIA came up in 2011 in a group of back-then internal medicine residents. They had met at medical school and were disappointed by the teaching concepts available on the market. An online resource was established covering content from internal medicine and neurology. The group produced video podcasts as well as other modules such as flashcards and multiple choice questions. When they met Steffen, our since-then technical director, this revolution took on speed. In the past years, thousands of physicians, nurses, and emergency medical service workers signed up for DOCTOPIA and completed our courses.

The ECG course is the backbone of DOCTOPIA. So far, it has taught this important clinical skill to more than 1,000 medical professionals from all over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This course has now been translated into English - we are very proud to present to you ECGBUDDY.

Who we are

The entire website has been built and is maintained by our technical director Steffen. The content is produced by the cardiologists Philipp and Matthias. The voice in the podcasts is the one of the actress Fanny Therese Heidtmann.

The design concept has been developed by the design company hauser lacour GmbH.

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