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The ECG trainer is the heart of our course. More than 200 original ECGs are stored in our system. All ECGs in our database have been fully assessed by experts.

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"Anyone who would like to learn how to interpret ECGs correctly is well advised to take the ECG course from ecgbuddy"

Andrew Valdez

The mixture of different types of learning content (video, MC questions, case studies, etc.) imparts knowledge that also wanders into long-term memory! The best ECG course I've seen so far. Keep it up! :)

Very good overview of all important topics, many ecg examples

I can learn very well with the video lessons, so I was very happy about it

I liked the best: the realistic examples and the ecg trainer after each tutorial

The ecg quizzes are great, e.g. for vital threats yes / no including the detailed interpretations. The videos are very good. Compact and all important topics are included.